Nourishing Foods That Leave Your World Greater

Created for real families, using real, functional ingredients. We deliver delicious, nutrient-dense snack options that make your world, and the world around us, a greater place. How? Greater Goods is the only snacking company to make flavorful, organic, grain-free snacks that empower and employ women globally.

Created for Parents Craving More

Shopping the snack aisle for healthy snacks for her kids, Sujatha Duvvuri was disappointed to find her choices were either unhealthy or bland. As a mother, Sujatha felt we shouldn’t have to choose. Families should be able to enjoy wholesome and functional snacks without sacrificing the flavors they crave. So, she took to her lab (a.k.a. the kitchen) and created greater-for-you grain-free biscotti, cookies, and crackers. Her goal was to craft snacks that nourish and delight with organic ingredients you can feel good about. And the results show!

Doing the Most Good for the Greatest Number of People

We were created by a mom who wanted greater for her family. Today, we’re working to make the world a greater place for families everywhere. Not only by crafting wholesome and fulfilling moments with tasty, greater-for-you foods, but by supporting women around the globe to provide for their families, too. That’s why we’re committed to employing women at every level and empowering the female workforce in India, where the female labor participation rate is only 19%, and beyond.


We pride ourselves on prioritizing women in underserved communities, and making snacks that do the most good for the greatest number of people. Each of our paleo-friendly biscotti, cookies and crackers are handcrafted with simple recipes using only organic, functional ingredients.